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This article applies to PetPoint Shelters in Canada ONLY (except Ontario).


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ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift of Insurance Recorded Training



ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift of Insurance are delivered through PetPoint to clients who provide a valid e-mail address and adopt a microchipped animal.


Click here for ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift Scenarios

How to select a Gift of Insurance for an Adopter

The ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift of Insurance section in the picture below will be defaulted to Yes every time the user opens the Outcome Adoption screen.  Leaving this selected will automatically issue a ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift of Insurance to the adopter for their new pet. Selecting No does not issue a gift when the Outcome Adoption is processed through PetPoint. If the Adoption is Deferred, as selected on the Outcome Details tab, the activation of the ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift until the time when the adopter picks up the animal and the Outcome Release is processed.  If this is a historical adoption that is being entered more than 2 days after the animal goes home with the new owner, or is to be processed without the ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift for any reason, select No.




Note: In the PetPoint Lite version of our program, there is no ability to process deferred adoptions.

Adopter Downloads Provided

24PetWatch sends an email confirmation directly to each adopter, this allows them to confirm their coverage and access their Document of Insurance, and Terms & Conditions.


In addition, PetPoint will create a customized download for each adopter containing documents that must be printed out and given to the adopter or downloaded and emailed to the adopter by the shelter/rescue.  Please download and review the Gift Adopter Downloads with adopters for each animal in order to help your adopters to ensure they understand what they need to do to activate or confirm their ShelterCare/24PetWatch 30-Day Gift of Insurance.   The chart below summarizes what the customized download will contain:


Adopter Downloads – ShelterCare/24PetWatch


What it contains - Canada (except Ontario) 24PetWatch

• Adopter provides email

• Animal is at least 8 weeks old

• Animal is microchipped


Sample PDF
Includes: 24PetWatch Gift Welcome Letter, Microchip Confirmation

• Adopter provides email

• Animal is 8-12 weeks old

• Animal is NOT microchipped

Sample PDF
Includes: 24PetWatch Gift Welcome Letter

• Adopter does not provide email

• Animal is microchipped

Sample PDF
Includes:  Microchip Confirmation

• Adopter does NOT provide email

• Animal is NOT microchipped

Not Applicable



Adopters will also receive email marketing from Pethealth, along with an email to confirm the coverage through our Consumer Portal.  Please see the Consumer Portal Online Help File for more information.  


Printing Adopter Downloads

To access and print the Adopter Downloads, follow these steps on the Outcome Adoption Summary tab:

(Note: the images that follow may vary based on the browser type or version of PDF reader currently in use)


1. Click on the green button displaying the Animal ID.




2. You will be prompted to open/save a PDF file, click Open.



3. Click on the printer icon to print out the documents.



Additional Information

Note: The Adopter Downloads require Adobe Reader in order to view them.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, go to to download and install the latest version of the Adobe Reader program.  


In addition, if you wish to review what the adopter will be doing to confirm coverage online, including where they will download documents and claim forms, please read our Consumer Portal help file.


ShelterCare/24PetWatch Gift Terms and Conditions

Click here for the Canadian Gift 24PetWatch Gift Terms and Conditions

ShelterCare/24PetWatch Coverage Chart

Click here for ShelterCare/24PetWatch Coverage Chart

ShelterCare/24PetWatch Banner Links

How to Add a Banner Ad to Your Website provides detailed instructions on posting your ShelterCare/24PetWatch Insurance (Canada) Banner Ad:

24PetWatch Insurance (Canada) Banner Ad *not Ontario




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Last updated August 2016