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Twitter Integration




PetPoint supports integration with Twitter so that you can instantly share your Adoptable and Lost/Found animals to your organization's Twitter followers.


Please note: a Twitter account is required. If you do not yet have a Twitter account, we recommend creating one prior to beginning setup in PetPoint.



To set up Twitter integration, go to Admin > Admin Options > Online Animal Listings Options, then click on the Twitter tab:




Connecting to Twitter

Under the Twitter Status section, click on the "Sign in with Twitter" button:


This will take you to a Twitter authentication page where you will need to enter your Twitter account username and password (if not already signed into Twitter), then click Authorize app:



This will return you to PetPoint and display that you are now "Signed in as" your Twitter account:


You will also now see a field where you can send a test tweet in order to test the connection to your Twitter account.



There are two types of options for Twitter integration: which of your animals to post to Twitter, and when to post them.


One selection from each section is required.


Which Animals to Display

You can choose to post Adoptable Animals, Found Animals, and Lost Animals to your Twitter feed. At least one is required to complete the setup. Check the box beside the option to choose to post that type of animal to Twitter:




Below each option is a Sample Tweet template for that type of animal. Unless the animal has a custom Twitter memo on their Animal Record, the animal will post using this format. Variables, such as {Animal Name} and {Gender}, will fill in automatically from the Animal Record in PetPoint.


The link in the Adoptable Animals tweet template (e.g. will link to the animal details on Petango. To optimize for Twitter's total character length, however, this will appear on Twitter as a shortened URL from, such as


How Often to Post

There are two options for how often to post your animals to Twitter, they can be used in any combination. At least one is required to complete the setup.




Here is how these options work:


  • If "When the animal becomes adoptable or the lost/found report is first submitted." is checked: animals will post to Twitter as soon as they are moved into an available stage (based on the setup on the Adoptable Search tab) or when a lost/found report is submitted.
  • If "Automatically re-post in...if animal is still in applicable stage." is checked: animals will post to Twitter at the specified time after first being moved into an available stage or when a lost/found report is submitted and will continue being re-posted at that interval until the animal is no longer available or until the lost/found report expires/is cancelled.
  • If both options are checked: the animal will be posted immediately and re-posted at the chosen interval until no longer available or until the lost/found report expires/is cancelled.


The re-post interval default is 3 days. Shelters are encouraged to adjust this length based on the total number of available/lost/found animals and the ideal number of tweets you'd like to post per day.


Click Submit to save all changes and complete the setup.



How to Use Twitter Integration in PetPoint

Once you have set up the Twitter integration, there is nothing else you are required to do. Animals will post to your Twitter feed automatically based on the settings you have chosen. You can, however, use Twitter Memos to customize the tweets you send to your feed.

Twitter Memo

A new standard memo type called "Twitter" is now available on the Animal record, Memo tab.


This memo will replace the templates if the animal posts to Twitter, allowing you to customize how the Tweet appears:



If this is an adoptable animal, the link to the animal details will still be added to the end so that potential adopters can click through to learn more.


Note: due to the 140-character limit of tweets, the Twitter Memo can only be saved with up to 125 characters. If you try to enter more than that, you will see an error when trying to save.


The same Twitter memo will post to Adoptable, Lost, and Found Twitter posts. If you are using the Twitter memo to customize your posts, please make sure that if the animal changes from Found to Adoptable, or if an Adopted animal is later entered as a Lost/Found report, that you check and edit the Twitter memo accordingly.



Important Notes

Re-Posts & Posting Limitations

PetPoint will try to re-post animals as close to the original time as possible. That is, if the animal was made adoptable at 1:30pm on Tuesday and the re-post interval is 3 days, the re-post should post at 1:30pm on Friday. However, if a large number of animals is re-posting at or near the same time, PetPoint may space them out so as not to overwhelm the Twitter feed. If you do not see an animal at the expected time, it is likely that the animal is queued to post and will display in an upcoming batch.


Removing Animals from Twitter

PetPoint only has the ability to post adoptable, lost, and found animals to your shelter's Twitter stream. This means that PetPoint cannot remove existing Tweets for animals when they are no longer available for adoption or when their lost/found report is no longer active. In most cases, your Twitter followers will only see newly posted Tweets, so this should not be an issue. However, if you would like to manually remove these Tweets, you can do so using the Delete function in Twitter.





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Last updated March 2017