PetPoint System Requirements

Requirements Overview

This help guide article describes the requirements needed to run any version of the PetPoint Data Management System. It is limited to the requirements for internet connections, operating systems/platforms, and internet browsers. For specific configuration requirements needed on each computer used to access PetPoint, please see our Configuration Guide.

Requirements - Internet Connection

When using PetPoint, you are accessing a database across the internet. As such, PetPoint is only designed to run on a high-speed internet connection.  The table below illustrates common internet connections:



Important Note: The above table only provides general guidelines for you to consider when assessing your internet connection needs. We cannot provide exact specifications for the type of connection your organization will need for sufficient performance due to the many possible variables that can impact performance, such as:

  • The number of users accessing your internet connection.

  • Other traffic that is sharing your internet and / or network connection (e.g., other network applications or even streaming music / downloads).

  • The performance tolerance-levels of each end user (i.e., what is “slow” to one person may be “fast” to another).

However, we can additionally provide the following “rules of thumb” based on client feedback:

  • Consumer-class connections are typically sufficient for home-based rescues & smaller shelters (3-5 simultaneous PetPoint users). 

  • Business-class connections should always be considered for mid/large shelters.

  • Mobile hotspots may be used, but as they are tower reliant, they should not be used while moving, such as in a vehicle, as they may disconnect and reconnect between towers.

  • For the best possible mobile connection to PetPoint, 4G LTE should be used. 2G / 3G services may cause interruption in internet service. PetPoint connection is best when there is constant and uninterrupted internet service.

  • Use Speedtest website to test your available bandwidth over a couple weeks to get peak/low estimates on your bandwidth usage if you are unsure of your current connection’s capabilities.

  • Obtain the fastest internet connection you can afford when adding or upgrading service.

  • Consult with your internet provider or a local IT professional if you are unsure of your needs.

Requirements - Operating System

PetPoint is only compatible with the listed operating systems:



Requirements - Web Browser

The following web browsers are considered PetPoint Friendly when used with the operating systems listed above.



Known Issues

As part of our ongoing efforts to support the available operating systems, devices, and browsers that the PetPoint organizations might use, you will want to visit the PetPoint Friendly Browsers and Devices document to see a current list of reported issues and be sure that you are using the correct browser or device type for your needs.

Pethealth, Inc. retains the right to amend or otherwise modify this System Requirements document at any time without prior notice.


Last updated January 2016