Ontario SPCA 30-Day Gift of Insurance Information

This article applies to PetPoint Shelters in Ontario, Canada ONLY.



Ontario SPCA 30-Day Gift of Insurance Recorded Training



The Ontario SPCA 30-Day Gift of Insurance is available when adopting a dog or cat over 8 weeks of age.  

The adopters address must be recorded in PetPoint in order for adopter downloads to generate from PetPoint.  Adopter downloads are provided to all adopters, unless promotion is set to “No” when completing an adoption.



Adopters must call to enroll in a Gift of Insurance within 7 days of adoption, in order for coverage to be available.

Adopters that provide an email address, and consent to receiving communication from Pethealth Inc., will receive enrollment information via email, but are required to call to enroll.



The Ontario SPCA 30-Day Gift of Insurance provides up to $1,000 per policy term.  This includes $750 for Named Peril Accidents & Illnesses, and $250 Lost Pet Recovery Services.

  • Named Peril Accident Coverage and Lost Pet Recovery and Reward coverage are available the day following enrollment at 12:01 AM

  • Named Peril Illness Coverage is available the third day following enrollment at 12:01 AM


How to select a Gift of Insurance for an Adopter


The promotion drop down will automatically default to ‘Yes’, in the Outcome Adoption screen.  Leaving this selected will automatically issue adopter downloads, providing enrollment instructions to your adopter.*

Selecting ‘No’ does not issue Adopter Downloads, and no email* will be sent regarding the Gift of Insurance.

*We require the adopters address to be recorded in PetPoint in order for the adopter downloads to be available.

*An email is sent to your adopter with Gift of Insurance information if you have selected ‘Yes’ for promotion, their email address is saved in the person record, and they consent to receiving communication from Pethealth Inc.




Note: In the PetPoint Lite version of our program, there is no ability to process deferred adoptions.

Adopter Downloads

In order to help you message the Ontario SPCA 30-Day Gift of Insurance to your adopters, adopter downloads will be generated with every adoption.  The adopter downloads are generated once the adoption is complete, and can be printed for your adopter.


ü  Paperless Option

Adopter Downloads appear in a new tab or Adobe Reader, and can be downloaded and emailed to you adopter directly.


Adopter downloads include details on enrollment, and coverage availability.


Adopter downloads are available in all adoption scenarios, when the animal is of age* and adopter address is entered in the person record.

*Animals must be 8 weeks of age in order for insurance coverage to be available.



Printing Adopter Downloads

To access and print the Adopter Downloads, follow these steps on the Outcome Adoption Summary tab:


Note: the images that follow may vary based on the browser type or version of PDF reader currently in use


1. Click on the green button displaying the Animal ID.




2. You will be prompted to open/save a PDF file, click Open.



3. Click on the printer icon to print out the documents.




ü  Paperless Option

To email the Adopter Downloads to your adopter, follow the above steps. 

1.       Instead of selecting the printer icon, click to download the document.


2.       Select the location where the file will be saved. 

Tip: Create a folder specifically for Adopter Downloads.  Be consistent in naming your files.


3.       Rename the Adopter Downloads.  This way the file is easy to find when selecting which document to email to your adopter.  Click Save.

4.       Send email using any service provider (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.) and select the saved file. 


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Last updated March 2018