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Introduction to the Consumer Portal

After adopting an animal from your organization, PetPoint/Pethealth will contact the adopter through email within 48 hours to send them a link to our Consumer Portal.  Here the adopter can view/download/print (if needed) their full policy documents, ShelterCare claim forms, and terms and conditions.  The simple interface allows us to bypass your organization needing to get any signed documentation that you gave them the policy documents, as was previously done in PetPoint prior to 2009.


The best way to experience the Consumer Portal and all that Pethealth has to offer through the ShelterCare program and in our new Green Initiative is to adopt an animal from your own shelter, but as this is not always an option we have provided you with a walkthrough of what the adopter will need to do after receiving our initial email.


There are two options when adopting an animal for the adopter to receive the ShelterCare gift, based on whether the animal is microchipped at the time of adoption, or not.  You can read more about this in the ShelterCare Information help file.  The main difference is animals with a microchip receive a ShelterCare Gift and those adopted without a microchip receive the ShelterCare Offer.

ShelterCare Gift of Insurance


Adopters are sent an email within 48 hours of the time of adoption that is similar to the image below.



They may, at any time during the 30 days, click on and download their personalized documents.  The link provided takes them into the Consumer Portal shown in the pictures below.  



The first time they visit the Consumer Portal, they will be prompted to agree to the terms shown below before proceeding to the area where they can download the documents.  




On subsequent visits to the Consumer Portal they will be taken directly to the next page, which has the ability to view, download, or print the documents, coverage chart, terms and conditions and claim forms to bring along to any visits to the veterinarian.




View the PDF file that is an example of the Policy Documents, also called the Adopter Downloads for the ShelterCare Gift within PetPoint. (Click here for an example)  This PDF is to be printed and handed to the adopter or downloaded and emailed to the adopter by the shelter/rescue processing the adoption.  Learn more about this process by reading the ShelterCare Information help file.

The Coverage Chart is the same for all ShelterCare Gift policies:




View the PDF file that is an example of the Terms & Conditions the adopter downloads here.


View, or download and print, the generic claim form for ShelterCare Insurance Claims here.

ShelterCare Offer of Insurance


The adopters receiving the ShelterCare Offer of Insurance are provided the same Consumer Portal as those who are provided the Gift of insurance, as soon as they call the number and activate the policy using the activation code provided both by your organization and the welcome email sent to them automatically at the time of adoption.  Samples of both are below.  They have five days to activate the ShelterCare Offer for them to receive the ShelterCare Gift.


The Adopter Downloads for the ShelterCare Offer (click here for an example) is the document given to the owner, whether by printing it out and handing it to them at the time of adoption or by downloading the PDF file and attaching it to an email sent to the adopter by the shelter/rescue processing the adoption.  Learn more about this process by reading the ShelterCare Information help file.


The following is an image of the email sent to the adopter by ShelterCare:



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